6 Places You Should Visit In Malta

Do you have an upcoming trip to Malta? These are the places you should visit to experience the true essence of the Maltese islands.


The fortified city of Mdina was the capital city of Malta before Valletta was built. Also known as ‘Citta Vecchia’, it is considered the prime source of cultural heritage and is the home of many noble families. Get lost in beautiful quaint streets and marvel at the beautiful palaces and houses that inhabit the silent city. Since Mdina is located on a high plateau, one can experience exquisite views of the Maltese islands, otherwise not visible from any other point. The Roman Villa and St. Paul’s Catacombs are located nearby, both of essential historical importance.


Valletta is the capital city of Malta, built by the Order of St. John to serve as the capital city instead of Mdina. This fortified city is surrounded by beautiful bastions, all overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Throughout the past years, it has undergone renovations where it has been restored to its former glory. Modern architecture has been incorporated into the new design, and now one can experience the amalgamation of the old with the new into a fully functioning, aesthetically pleasing space. One of the most significant buildings in Valletta is the new parliament, which was designed by the magnificent architect Renzo Piano. Rich in history and culture, one can find various cultural sights, together with museums, shops, restaurants, bars, and cafeterias. It is spectacular, especially in the evening!


Marsaxlokk is a small village on the South Eastern side of Malta. Mostly known as the home of the traditional fisherman, it has a picturesque promenade full of fishing boats and colorful luzzus. Restaurants line up along the sea, offering peaceful views and promising the freshest fish in Malta. Marsaxlokk is also famous for its market on Sunday morning, where vendors meet up, selling various goods from fresh fruit and vegetables to electronics. Away from the promenade, in the warm months of Summer, locals hightail to St. Peter’s pool to enjoy the clear aquamarine seas and the beautiful shoreline.


Gozo, the second-largest island of the Maltese archipelago, is only 25 minutes away from Malta by ferry. A haven of peace and tranquility this beautiful island contrasts profusely with the hustle and bustle of Malta. With its picturesque landscape, magnificent coastline, and charming rural villages, Gozo is rooted in tradition. Having a population of fewer than 32,000 people benefits Gozo in retaining its natural beauty and lovely countryside. Progress is directed towards quality, not quantity, targeted at improving sustainable development and agri-tourism, amongst other sectors. Rabat, the capital city of Gozo, provides all the amenities of a modern city.

The Three Cities

Standing at the Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta, one is most likely looking at the famous three cities. Isla, Birgu, and Bormla have provided a home and shelter to many people inhabiting the island throughout the years, with Birgu being built before the founding of Valletta and Isla and Bormla around the same time as the capital city. These cities served as the first home for the Knights of St John when they inhabited the island, and their bastions, forts, and palaces are older than those in Valletta. The three cities are located in the vicinity of the Grand Harbour and they were of considerable strategic importance during the world war. The three cities provide an insight into authentic Maltese life. The narrow winding roads and traditional Maltese houses retain their original character, making them stand out from other localities.


The small island of Comino is situated in the stretch of sea between Malta and Gozo. Comino is accessible by boat, and due to its small size, is a car-free island. This island is generally uninhabited, and there are no urban areas apart from one hotel. During the Roman era, Comino was inhabited by people. It served a larger purpose under the Knights of St. John as hunting grounds and staging post. The island is famous mostly known for its magical, clear aquamarine seas, with the main attraction being Blue Lagoon.