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Get active in 2021 and keep your mind and body healthy. Gx-1 is the only licensed Les Mills Facility in Malta with internationally trained instructors. Offering 6 different types of training formats, they are suitable for participants of all levels of fitness.  One-to-one sessions are also offered for a more personal and tailored approach.



We want to express our gratitude for considering Cavalieri Art Hotel to be your next home away from home. Throughout the years we’ve been in operation, hotel cleanliness has always been one of our main priorities. It is one of the most imperative, fundamental basics in providing a satisfactory experience to our guests, and we have always strived to keep the housekeeping department in top form.

The emergence of the Covid19 pandemic has posed a threat to our wellbeing. To safeguard the hotel’s guests and staff, we have implemented several measures to minimize risks and ensure a safe environment.


  • Key card deposit box for collection and disinfection of cards
  • Sanitization of key cards after each use
  • Removal of non-essential items from the rooms
  • Thorough disinfection of the rooms after each stay
  • Guests are given a disposable room service menu upon check-in. The in-room directory is available electronically.

Public areas

  • Regular cleaning of public areas, high hand contact areas, and surfaces
  • Only a limited number of people are allowed in the elevator together unless they belong to the same family
  • Face masks or shields are to be worn at all times, both by guests and employees
  • Hand sanitizers available and spread out around the property
  • All people entering the hotel have their body temperature checked every time
  • Clear signages indicating protocols and procedures
  • Transparent perspex in place at the front desk, protecting staff and guests


  • All hotel outlets to comply with the maximum capacity of guests allowed for social distancing
  • In the case of inside dining, tables are set at a distance of 3m from each other. Tables outside are set at a distance of 2m from each other.
  • Hand sanitizers are placed at every entry, exit, and restrooms.
  • In the buffet restaurant, transparent perspex has been installed in front of the buffet. The buffet is fully assisted, meaning that our chefs serve the food themselves to minimize risks.
  •  When queuing for the buffet, people are to maintain a distance from each other.
  • Every guest is given a new menu, and this is disposed of directly after
  • Staff are to sanitize their hands regularly
  • Contactless payment methods available
  • Disposable condiments

Pool Deck

  • Limited capacity is allowed to adhere to social distancing measures
  • Umbrellas and sunbeds are disinfected after every guest leaves
  • Changing rooms and bathrooms are sanitised regularly
  • Umbrellas and sunbeds are spread out at a 2m distance from each other

If you would like further information on our health and safety protocols, kindly contact us using the link below.


The best present you can give to someone is that of a beautiful memory, to be cherished for a lifetime. Whatever the occasion, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or just wanting to express a simple thank you to someone, an overnight stay is the perfect gift for the busy modern individual. Treat your loved ones, friends, and family to magical views, precious quality time, and optimum relaxation. It is a gift that will definitely be appreciated and treasured.

If you’re interested in purchasing a gift voucher, kindly send us an email for a quotation.