Explore some of the works that adorned the Cavalieri Galleries

The Cavalieri Art Hotel has been delighting visitors with art exhibitions for more than 10 years. As the first and only Art Hotel in Malta, the concept was born when the directors wanted to create a space for artists to showcase their work, creating a hub for creativity and instigating conversation amongst locals and foreigners, interested in the scene.

During these past years, the hotel was brimming with art; hosting monthly exhibitions in both of its galleries, holding various lectures by influential professors in the field, and organizing various workshops and live events where artists could demonstrate their expertise and fascinate their viewing audience in real-time. The Cavalieri Galleries served as space where artists, both remarkable pioneers and up-and-coming artists looking to establish themselves in the industry, could illustrate and exhibit the embodiment of their ideas. These were conceived into beautiful works; ranging from intricate jewellery to mesmerising paintings, poignant photography, to life-sized sculptures.


One of the most prestigious exhibitions that the Cavalieri Art Hotel had the honor of hosting was Esprit Barthet’s centenary art exhibition. Barthet needs no introduction. Born in 1919, he is a virtuoso in his own right. He revolutionized art and will continue to live on through his work and contributions towards the development of the arts in Malta.

Barthet was a versatile artist, diversifying in landscape, still-life, and portraiture, amongst other genres. He studied at the Malta School of Art and also attended Guiseppe Calleja’s Scuola del Nudo, in Valletta. He furthered his career by attending the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome and the Academy of Arts in Bath.

Esprit Barthet is well known for his commissioned portraits of many public figures and influential people in Malta, inclusive of Prime Ministers, Governors, and Presidents. Apart from his expressive portraits, he is also distinguished for his abstract rooftop paintings.


Danila Mancuso was born in Piazza Armerina, Sicily, on the 25th of April 1968. After she acquired her diploma, she lived in Milan for a few years however she decided to return to Sicily, where she now lives together with her family.

Whilst she was working as a teacher in secondary schools, she attended the Academy of Arts and got her degree with excellent marks. Moreover, she attended a two-year course in Specialized teaching methods for disabled people in the field of Art and Music, achieving full marks. She took part in the exhibition of “Palazzo di Città”, Cultural Club in Piazza Armerina and also in the National Art Competition “Dantebus Bazart”.

Since July 13th, 2019, her works have been permanently exhibited in Wineart Gallery in Piazza Armerina and many representatives of the press, fashion and culture have been in attendance at the opening vernissage. She has participated in “Cultura e Identità” Festival for visual arts in La Spezia where her work “Stromboli”, which promotes the artistic heritage of Sicily, was awarded and then published in the Art Now Catalogue.


The Cavalieri Art Hotel’s collective photography exhibition took place in the Renoir Gallery between the 6th of September and the 8th of October 2019. This exhibition celebrated different areas of photography, including wildlife, street and landscape. The five talented artists who showcased their works were Vincent Kraft, Nick Bugeja, Johan Siggesson, Louis Agius and Keith Ellul.