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Music & Painting - Sound & Colour




Romanza d’Autunno is an acute polarity, a reflection on life, as it is a fusion of opposites, of tragedy and comedy, as in actuality. The dynamics demonstrate a deep instability reflecting perhaps a bipolar character that is fragile, vulnerable and exposed to swings of mood. On top left hand corner there is almost an unrestrained joy and festive, a mood or atmosphere dominated by a great flower, exotic and overwhelming. On bottom left hand corner a gruesome tragedy unfurls in front of our eyes with a horrid phantasmagorical effect: torn limbs lying around, a dismembered torso and a decapitated head suggesting the atrocious pain in Picasso’s Guernica. On bottom right a whirlpool or vortex and like a black whole sucks and engulfs the sun, the moon and star, a cataclysmic end that threatens life and perhaps our very existence. The turbulence and instability are felt in the dynamics of a landscape an element that surfaces from the artist’s recent past abstract expressionism. Past and present fuse together.

In Composition of Keys the artist presents an exercise in geometric abstraction inspired by a glass and concrete building on the periphery of Qormi, a modern construction of monumental dimension evoking the artist’s previous engagement as draughtsman. This web of strips is in reality musical scores, notes or symbols that can be translated into music. Perhaps it is less emotional and passionate than other works.

Jailhouse F Minor is an architectural structure in glass, steel and concrete, an enormous cantiere or work site. Geometry is the basis of the composition.

Symphony of Love: Intimate Conversation Unite is a warm and social animated discourse, an expression of fused bodies, almost an orgiastic frenzy of sexual desire and contentment. It is an extended family engaged in fluent conversation, a strong composition of shapes and colours, an attempt at interpreting Picasso’s language.

Solitude is the most disjointed and intriguing. The small shapes filled with colour suggest agitation, a disconnected cacophony of sound effects atonal in essence.

Joy E Major is a beautiful colour burst of joy. The fact that the work makes sense, in any way it is presented, demonstrates its ubiquitous and universal vision of contentment and pleasure. The colours are clinically clean, meticulously painted, bright, brilliant and sunny. It is a blaze of light.

Another Day in Paradise has a sense of utter abandon and has explicit reference to sexual intimacy, passion and uninhibited enjoyment that in the words of Sgarbi is the most fantastic of human instincts.

Mother & Child is conspicuous in its reds. Danger is in the air.

E. V. Borg

Art critic



This exhibition is available to the general public in the Renoir Gallery till the 1st of September. Event is sponsored by Deco Manufacturers and Delicata Wines