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Aleksey Karamnov

Aleksey Karamnov is a contemporary seascape painter. He was born on the 22nd of September 1960 in Rubcovsk, Altai, Russia. When he was 26 he moved to Yalta, Crimea, because of his great desire to live near the sea. Inspired by the wonderful nature of the south coast of Crimea and the Black Sea, his natural creativity emerged in the attempt to represent the dynamism of the sea on canvas. The artist wanted to depict the driving force of waves in his paintings. During long hours of observation and admiration of the powerful and almighty force of the ‘living sea’, he understood the ‘structure’ of waves that rolled in the coast. Sometimes slow and calm, sometimes stormy and violent, the sea appears clear to the artist in all his forms and with each different tint depending on  the depth, on the season and on the time of the day. Since then the artist has been painting a long series of seascapes, which now are his iconic image. The artist had exhibitions in Crimea, Germany, France and Finland.