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Danila Mancuso Art Exhibition


Danila Mancuso was born in Piazza Armerina, Sicily, on the 25th of April 1968. After she acquired her diploma, she lived in Milan for a few years however she decided to return to Sicily, where she now lives together with her family. 

Whilst she was working as a teacher in secondary schools, she attended the Academy of Arts and got her degree with excellent marks. Moreover, she attended a two-year course in Specialized teaching methods for disabled people in the field of Art and Music, achieving full marks. She took part in the exhibition of “Palazzo di Città”, Cultural Club in Piazza Armerina and also in the National Art Competition “Dantebus Bazart”.

Since July 13th, 2019, her works have been permanently exhibited in Wineart Gallery in Piazza Armerina and many representatives of the press, fashion and culture have been in attendance at the opening vernissage. She has participated in “Cultura e Identità” Festival for visual arts in La Spezia where her work “Stromboli”, which promotes the artistic heritage of Sicily, was awarded and then published in the Art Now Catalogue.

Danila Mancuso's Work

Every piece of art tells a story. A story made of happy childhoods and deep wounds. A story of laughter and tears, memories and hopes, separations and meetings, shadows and lights. 

These are the stories we come across in the works of Danila Mancuso, a sensitive artist with a visionary gift. Stories expressed through chromatic intensities and atmospheres, twisting and turning through bright landscapes in an endless metamorphosis. The intensity of her work originates from her authentic depiction of her surroundings; reflecting different climates together with a combination of surfaces, as they explode into the vibrant colours of nature and then as they subside into obscure profundity. She intensifies her brushwork to heighten the feelings and emotions evoked in the spectator viewing her work, along with those induced through the luminosity and power of the story. 

Danila Mancuso uses colour as the focal point of her work, which has roots in universal energy: the medium, no more used as a means or tool, but as a reality that she creates. Through this, she identifies herself in her works as well as communicates to her audience. She instills life into her works through a stream of emotions transversing time and space. This is developed through various materials, creating unique energy. In her work, everything revolves around colour. A love for tints is visible, inducing a chromatic and overwhelming thrill. Consequently, her love for colour turns into light; substance and light. The vitality of Danila Mancuso's technique gives life to some disparate, often unthinkable shapes. The factors inspiring artistic creation are various and mysterious; however, the value of the artist lies in giving us what we are looking for and had not yet been able to discover by ourselves. 

The works of Danila Mancuso are opposite to conceptual art. As much as the latter claims that what matters in a piece of artwork is the idea - that it is the thought at the origin of its creation – Danila's work aims at conveying emotions, almost without any rational filter. As in “The four elements”, “The Sea”, “Marbles”, or even “A piece of”, the series she gave birth to,  colours, materials, and shapes transmit the ancestral feelings of surprise, fear, serenity, anger, and curiosity. A work of disassociation from all the superstructures ascribed to art. The strength of the artworks by Danila Mancuso lies in compelling the soul of the spectator, without affecting the mind.



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