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Cubism - A Vision of Malta

 A Vision of Malta by Gordon Borg: A Reconstructed Familiarity

Our familiarity with the depiction of natural scenery and urban views is owed to the fact that the genre of landscape painting is one of the major ones in Western Art and, although the origins of its evolvement date way back, it remains popular even nowadays. Gordon Borg’s upcoming exhibition is very much a representation emerging through this genre combined with his own adaptation of the cubist style. Indeed, Cubism can have many facets, and Gordon has created his own. The outcome is perhaps slightly further away from the traditional and revolutionary idea of portraying objects and figures through different viewpoints, yet, it is easily identified: it is through his distinct style that Gordon has obtained an artistic presence in Malta.

These works follow the artist’s earlier works which were primarily composed of portraits, representations of the human figure, and nudes. This is where cubist ideas were first applied, and Gordon has now taken his influences a step further through this set of works. Executed primarily in pencil colours, these works are the result of different influences ranging from masters like Picasso and Braque to a mix of personal interests: photography, and local natural and urban scenery.



Marie Claire Finger B.A. M.A.

Art Historian




The exhibition will be held at Cavalieri Art Hotel in St Julians between September 21st until 18th October 2018.