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The Cavalieri Art Hotel's Collective Photography Exhibition

The Cavalieri Art Hotel's collective photography exhibition will take place in the Renoir Gallery between the 6th of September and the 8th of October 2019. This exhibition is an amalgamation of different areas of photography, including wildlife, street and landscape. The five talented artists who will be exhibiting their works are Vincent Kraft, Nick Bugeja, Johan Siggesson, Louis Agius and Keith Ellul. Each photographer brings to the table a magnificent body of work. This exhibition is officially open to the general public every day, as from Saturday 7th August. This event is sponsored by Delicata Wines and Deco Manufacturers. 

Vincent Kraft

 French by birth but a global explorer by inspiration – Vincent Kraft is an artistic photographer who has been pursuing Street and URBEX (urban exploration) photography for more than 13 years.

Following the completion of his art and photographic studies at the Superior Institute of Art in France, Vincent Kraft embarked on an ongoing discovery that has taken him through 60 countries and across 250,000 km. Vincent Kraft’s aesthetic revolves around the themes of instantaneity, perspectives, and the temporal nature of abandoned places.

Over the years, his artwork has been featured in prestigious photography books and various international exhibitions in Paris, London, Cardiff, Rome and Valletta. Vincent Kraft was also the recipient of the ‘Prize of the Public Award’ at the London Photo Festival and he has recently received recognition from Valletta 2018, European Capital of Culture.


Nick Bugeja

'I started photography back in 2015 when I was 19 and knew virtually nothing about cameras or the techniques behing capturing photos - but what I knew and felt was that I could pioneer a style of my own, creating a completely different genre of visual imagery with my artistic skills from working in digital design as a young teenager. Aside from design, I've closely worked within the digital advertising industry which sparked a deep fascination with the psychology that binds human behaviour with advertising. It might sound far-fetched that any aspect of these industries could in anyway effect the process of my photography, but by working in advertising and being highly fascinated by it - I was able to use the knowledge I cultivated and apply the principles to my photos. Going by these psychological principles helped me to create a photo with a unique touch of it's own that lastly was captivating and impressive to the viewers.'


Johan Siggesson

Johan is a wildlife photographer originally from Sweden but has been living here in Malta for the last 17 years. From an early age Johan was passionate about animals and the natural world and after a Safari a few years back he decided it was time to take up Wildlife Photography as a profession. He also teaches photography courses and guide on photography tours. Before Animal Planet, Nat Geo Wild and the likes, he was always glued in front of the weekly nature program on Swedish state television. No matter if it was lions in Africa, wolves in Yellowstone or Polar bears in Svalbard. Siggesson's fascination with the natural world together with an academic background in graphic design have steered his imagery away from the classical and depictive wildlife photography towards a more artistic and experimental approach to the genre. 


Louis Agius

'I have been passionate about  photography since 1996 when I first took the plunge and enrolled in a local beginners evening course. Over the years I continued to learn about the craft of photography by taking more courses as well as attending seminars and workshops on the subject. Learning on the subject is a never ending story for me.

 Subsequently I have earned the AMPS and FMPS and more recently I was honoured with Hon. FMPS all by the Malta Photographic Society. I have also managed to earn two more distinctions namely EFIAP from the European association and the PPSA from the American counterpart.

 My photos have been exhibited in various collective exhibitions both internationally and on the local scene. I also had my own personal photographic Exhibition on three different occasions.

 Today I lead the Malta Photographic Society whilst actively evolving my artistic expression.  My photography ranges from the figurative art to my latest passion for impressionist, abstracts, architecture and fine art photography.'


Keith Ellul

Keith Ellul is a fine art photographer who mainly but not exclusively shoots the landscape/seascape. Through his photography he attempts to express his mood and feelings of the locations he captures, to impart that same experience he feels to the viewer. Keith is a devoted photographer, he published his first coffee table book in December 2015 – ‘Beyond the Horizon’ and he set up his first solo exhibition in March 2016 – ‘Harvesting Light’. He also took part in a collective exhibition - publication organised by APS Bank Malta in 2018 - 'Diversity - Recognising Individuality' & later ‘The Ten Beyond’ in 2019 a collective exhibition between 10 leading Maltese photographers.

He obtained his Associate with the Malta Institute of Professional Photography in 2017 and later in 2018 his Fellowship FMIPP with the same institute. He is a member of The Society of International Nature & Wildlife Photography UK and has been awarded Fellowship FSINWP in 2018. Regularly taking part in various International competitions in which he has  won various awards, namely in the Prestigious Black & White Spider Awards, International Color Awards, ND Awards, Monochrome Awards & Monovision Awards.

Keith has been using ©LEE Filters since 2013 and he is supported by the brand as an Official LEE Filters photographer. His style of photography, being a landscape or urban environment, has always a common factor, motion or movement. He considers the camera as a time machine, where he can briefly arrest time and immortalise a period of either a few seconds or minutes in a single frame.  When asked why photography? He has no clear answer. Rather, it’s the same as how some people turn to sport, religion or other disciplines to find purpose and meaning to life. Photography has given him a clear sense and appreciation of who he is.