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The Cavalieri Art Hotel's Collective Art Exhibition

The annual Cavalieri Art Hotel's collective art exhibition will take place in the Monet Gallery between the 2nd of August and the 16th of September 2019. This year, the participating artists will be exhibiting a variety of artistic works, showcasing different media and materials. The seven fantastic artists who will be exhibiting their works are Derek Mason, Carmel Bonello, Biljana Kitanovska, Anna Verbenets, Zell Osborne, Madeleine Vella Satariano and Cynthia Farrugia. Each artist brings to the table a magnificent body of work, reflecting their vivid imagination and strong emotions. This exhibition is officially open to the general public every day, as from Friday 2nd August. This event is sponsored by Delicata Wines and Deco Manufacturers. 


Anna Verbenets

Anna Verbenets relocated to Malta some years ago where she started to work from her private studio.  Anna Studied at Krivoy Rog Fine Arts School and after she graduated at Krivoy Rog National University and possesses a Master degree in Fine Arts and Pedagogy and PhD in Pedagogy for Fine Arts. She is renowned for oil paintings, watercolours and pastels. Anna’s  works are characterized by bright and vibrant colours in her palette and dark shadows,  building shapes of objects by strokes, contrasts in light and shadows (warm and cold). Her works include landscapes, portraits, animal portraits, still lives and sceneries. Anna’s paintings have been acquired by various persons throughout Europe and America. Anna Verbenets is a member of Malta Community of Artists, Watercolour Society of  France in Paris, Watercolour Art Malta and the Malta Society of Arts Manufacture and Commerce.


Biljana Kitanovska

Biljana Kitanovska is originally from Skopje, Macedonia and has been living in Malta for almost 2 years. She studied interior design in Skopje however her passion for art started a long time ago, even before she started going to school. After a long stretch of time of not painting and drawing, about 5 years ago whilst living in the Netherlands, she started getting interested in portraits, especially hyperrealistic, and from then she never looked back. She works with a variety of media including pencil, charcoal and acrylics however her favorite way of expressing herself is using palette knives.  


Zell Osborne

Zell Osborne trained in Biochemistry, obtaining a Degree from University College Cardiff in 1974.  She worked as a research assistant for a year, before her love for Art finally took over and she returned to Cardiff College of Art where she obtained a first class Degree in Ceramics in 1979.

For number of years she ran a pottery studio in her native count of Cornwall, in the United Kingdom.  She then decided to spend some time teaching and returned to college in 1985 to take a P.G.A.T. course.  She spent three months as an Artist-in-Residence at Llandrindod-Wells High School, followed by another six months as an artist-residence at the Psychiatric Day Hospital at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Her first exhibition in Malta was at the Museum of Fine Arts in 1986 followed by a second in 1988.  Since then, she has settled permanently in Malta and held a solo exhibition at St. James Cavalier and taken part in many collective ones.  She has also produced ceramic murals for various hotels and restaurants as well as trophies for various organizations.

Her inspirations vary from marine and microscopic life, natural formations in sand and rock, African art, and arms and armoury.

Between 1989 - 2005 ran the Art/Pottery studio at Ir-Razzett tal-Hbiberija (The Park of Friendship), which is a leisure centre for the disabled in Malta. During the scholastic year 1995/96 taught ceramics at the Institute of Visual Arts, Valletta, Malta.  Left Ir-Razzett tal-Hbiberija in July 2005 and started teaching day modelling classes at the St James Cavalier and own studio in Sliema, Malta.


Carmel Bonello

Carmel Bonello was born in Siggiewi, Malta in 1960. He is an ardent expressionist of great strength and bold impact. His dynamic energy, which is constantly seeking new vents, could be the basis of his individuality, his personal art and style. Carmel Bonello believes in mood, his spontaneity captures the fleeting moment and galvanizes each instance into permanent and concrete form. It is incredible how a few strokes of his brush evoke a mood, an atmosphere.  The simplicity and economy in line and composition lend his work clarity and immediacy. With the use of black and chromatic colours the artist projects a tremendous force, full of life, His work is packed with dynamic swirls, action, energy, forceful, strong and bold. Carmel Bonello is a prolific artist using mixed media and experimentation to obtain burst of colours or bold graphic compositions. Carmel’s art is wild, violent, raw and rough, and yet there is so much serenity and tranquilityThe simplicity and economy in line and composition lend his work clarity and immediacy. His work is packed with dynamic swirls, action and energy. It is forceful, strong and bold. It is the projection of his carefree and cheerful character. The artist had several solo exhibitions in Malta, France and Germany. Many of his works are to be found in Malta and different countries around the world in private and public collections.


Madeleine Vella Satariano

 ‘To say I love painting is an understatement. My goal each day is to bury myself in the depth of my soul and release my emotions on the canvas.

With the movement of the galloping horses, I free myself from the rest of the world and run alongside these beautiful beasts.  Or I immerse myself  in the tormented waters till I exhaust my emotions and return to the world of reality.

Painting is Madeleine Vella Satariano’s passion and has been for the majority of her life. She has recently retired from work and has been dedicating most of her time to further this passion. Madeleine has follow courses on portraiture and still life painting at the Malta School of Art togeher with another taught by the established American artist, the late Cliff Fleenor.  She has had 2 solo exhibitions in Malta and another in London during Malta Day; alongside several collective exhibitions. Some of her work can be found in private collections around the world; including Malta, Germany, Belgium, UK, Portugal and China. 


Derek Mason

Derek Mason has been painting for just over 6 years. A self-taught artist, Derek began his work doing brief studies on animals before expressing himself with paint, initially experimenting with watercolors. He's currently in a period of oil paints. His artistic development is presently showcased in a style characterized by it's emotiveness and flexibility in form and color. Derek has a drive bordering on the prolific and not a day goes by where he can't be found plying his chosen trade in his home studio. Derek's first private exhibition in 2016 was a runaway success with over a third of the selected works finding their way into private collections on and off the island. Over the past few years, Derek has also been honoured to provide multiple prices for charity auctions including Pink October, the Fine Arts Auction in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation and private charities such as those set up by the Malta Blockchain Summit


Cynthia Farrugia

Cynthia Far is a naïve artist with no conventional expertise on the subject who is fairly new to the scene. She started sketching and painting only two years ago, on a warm summer's evening after work and pleased with the outcome decided to share the image via online social networks. The positive responses Cynthia received there were her motivation to go on with her art. She started by using pencils, graphite & charcoal, then went onto pastels, until she discovered acrylics. Cynthia has a tendency toward the use of brilliant, saturated colours and her works convey a frozen motion of deep, still space. Cynthia Far allows herself to be transported and translates her emotions onto canvas sometimes in a frenzy and other times methodically and with much research behind the scenes. Her works have been sold both locally and abroad.