Room 1
 Spinola Road, St Julian's, Malta, STJ 3019  info@cavalierihotel.com


The Art Hotel concept features two stationary art galleries at Lobby level, displaying an array of works of art by various local and foreign artists. The Lobby area itself also showcases several pieces and this is further complemented by a photographic gallery at the Restaurant Foyer.

The Art Cove is a studio exclusively dedicated to our resident artist, with the artist’s recent works being displayed for a number of weeks at a time, creating a haven for guests and art lovers alike.  All floor corridors are brought to life as each corridor is allocated to different artists for the exposition of their works.  The Ottocento Restaurant, with its expansive area, have the rear part entirely dedicated to the Art concept, enhancing the ambience and allowing our guests to appreciate the beautiful artistry whilst enjoying their meal.